Drone App Store

web api

This gui designed by Flavves and web designed by Yunus Emre Göveli

Drone app store app usage!
1- Enter your username and password to login to the application.
2- Select a drone that you previously added on the web.
3- The process is complete, the program is ready to start a task!
3- The program is waiting for you to start a task. At this stage, it is started in 2 different ways.
4A- Starting a task through the program.
4A1- Select the py file you want to run by pressing the “Select Product” button.
4A2 – If you select the file, you can see the name of the file on the right.
4A3 – Start the mission by pressing the Start mission button and check this status from the bottom panel.
4A4 – You can stop the task at any time with the Stop button.
5A – Starting a task with the web.
5A1 – Press the “My apps” button on the web.
5A2 – You can see your applications in the “Application List” section.
5A3 – Click the “Run” button for the application you want to start.
5A4 – Select Drone and press the Run button.
You can see the status of the mission for the drone in the 5A5 – Run Logs section.
5A6 – Application Scans a task every 15 seconds (Switchable).
5A6 – At the end of the time, if the application sees the task on the selected drone, you can see it on the bottom panel.
5A6 – You can stop at any time

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